Jennifer Shasky Calvery

Jennifer Shasky Calvery - former U.S. Attorney and Head of FinCen in the United States is now working for the same firm that was allowed to escape prosecution for their criminal acts.

Senior U.S. Department of Justice officials overruled internal recommendations to prosecute global bank HSBC for money-laundering violations because of concerns about the stability of the financial system, according to a congressional report released on Monday.

In 2013, the Financial Services Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives, led by Jeb Hensarling, a Republican of Texas, began investigating the Justice Department's November 2012 decision to enter into a $1.92 billion settlement agreement with HSBC. One of those responsible for this decision as head of FinCen was Jennifer Shasky Calvery, who left to work in London for none other than HSBC.

Ms. Shasky Calvery as U.S. Attorney also over saw the prosecution of Egor M. Chernov, an associate of Vladimir Putin as per the sworn affidavit of Special Agent Gregory Coleman. Ms. Shasky failed to prosecute Egor Chernov for the murder she admitted to Mr. Flynn that she believed he committed. Mr. Chernov was able to pay $100,000 in cash to the U.S. Treasure and walk free.

The main witness against Mr. Chernov was Mr. Paul Combs who was charged by

Jennifer Shasky Calvery

to ensure his silence. Once Mr. Combs was released from jail in January 2010 he decided to reveal the truth and was scheduled to meet in July 2010 to do so once his gag order was lifted. In June 2010 Mr. Combs was found dead with a gun shot wound to the head. It was immediately ruled a suicide by the coroner before any toxicology tests or firearm tests were completed.

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