Hilliary Clinton Secretary of State when Jennifer Shasky Calvery ordered to let Russian murderer wal

Clearly while Secretary of State Hiliary Clinton was in charge at State, Andrew Loftus worked with the Department of State. Also Gregory Schlosser was an agent engaged in working with the CIA and FBI. The first agent was the first to report the murder of Rex Judd. The second agent worked with Special Agent Gregory Coleman and Jennifer Shasky Calvery to ensure Egor Chernov the murderer walked free.

Only the Secretary of State could possibly give the orders in appeasing President Putin to allow the Russian murderer to walk free. Egor Chernov due to this fact was never charged or tried for the murder of Rex Judd, in spite of the information available to the Justice Department.

In June 2011 after paying a $100,000 fine in cash and having hundreds of thousands in possible bribes paid Egor Chernov escaped America.

This is the same American Justice Department that sought the extradition from Russia of American Edward Snowden. It is mind boggling that the same department of Justice would send a murderer free to Russia while attempting to extradite a whistleblower from Russia. This shows the duplicity of Hilliary Clinton and the U.S. State Department. It also clearly dipslays their priorities in protecting their secrets while ignoring the safety of ordinary Americans.

These are undeniable facts. The Department of Justice shoudl investigate the matter of bribes and or undue influence of Agents of the Justice Department and the FBI.


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