Congress Laws Force Hollywood to Promote FBI Image - J. Edgar Hoover

When I first contacted the FBI to report the murder of Rex Judd and attempted kidnapping and murder of myself and torture of my wife, Elizabeth, I spoke to FBI Agent Kelly Thomas out of Tampa Bay, Florida. He referred me immediately to SA Tim Bell out of the New York offices of the FBI. When Tim Bell was transferred to anti-terroism unit, the chief investigator became Special Agent Gregory A. Coleman.

As my investigation continued and I was able to provide a key cooperating witness, in the person of Paul Combs, my efforts began to pay dividends. In the end I was able to convince Combs, who had been a co-conspirator with Egor Chernov, the Russian Mafia chieftain, to cooperate and provide information to the FBI. At this point in time, the FBI investigation had falled flat.

Thanks to my recruiting Paul Combs, he provided a lengthy first hand witness statement of Egor Chernov ordering two Australian gang members to murder Rex Judd. He also gave detailed information on the planned torture and murder of me and my wife.

Further in my speaking with Paul Combs, I was able to have him provide to the FBI Special Agent Gregory Coleman, the fraudulent passports of Egor Chernov, Rex Judd, Lori Judd and his own. He also provided the cufflinks and wedding band taken off of Rex Judd when he was murdered and buried in a watery grave in the Andaman Sea. The FBI had now been provided by my investigative work, with no powers of interrogation and no funding, the names of the actual murderers, an eye witness to the order and the details of the murder and physical evidence. On their own, the FBI Agent who captured heorically the Wolf of Wall Street, drug infested boiler room boy, provided not one scintilla of evidence or proof. It was entirely my investigative work.

Special Agent Gregory Coleman of Wolf of Wall Street fame then engaged two senior prosecutors from the Justice Department to prosecute and indict Egor Chernov based upon my investigation. The two U.S. Attorneys were Jennifer Shasky Calvery and Gregory Lisa.

They convened one of the longest serving grand jury's in Utah history. However on the eve of my testimony, the FBI arrested Egor Chernov and also investigated their key cooperating witness, Paul Combs. U.S. Attorney Shasky Calvery now destroyed my investigative efforts and destroyed the case against Egor Chernov. In spite of the fact SA Coleman kept reassuring me Chernov would be charged as he continued his investigation. His efforts resulted in absolutely no further charges, barring one of Chernov using a cell phone while in captivity. Chernov was fined one hundred thousand dollars and one day in jail, he paid the fine in cash the next day, no questions asked.

At the end of my efforts the three government agents in the case provided no justice and no indictments of Chernov. Their investigative and prosecutorial powers were non-existent. In the same court room with the same judge and same lawyer as Weldon Angelos, Chernov and Combs got 51 and 48 months in jail respectively. Weldon Angelos for selling $350 worth of marijuana got 55 years in jail.

Does this sound like justice? Can you believe this happend in America?

It is interesting to note after this case was over, SA Coleman retired and now travels the world speaking about the drug infested rich boiler room boy, Jordan Belfort. In spite of tens of requests, SA Coleman will not grant an interview on Chernov or myself.

Now we do know the Wolf of Wall Street was an embellished story in Hollywood's fantasy world. We do know a real criminal was allowed to walk free in the person of Chernov.

In the end, Jennifer Shasky Calvery was promoted to head of FinCen, she hired her assistant, Gregory Lisa with complaints that it was against the Treasury Departments hiring policy and SA Coleman had a movie made that emboldened his image as a crime fighter. He retired on January 25th, 2015 and all three still refuse any interview or a response to any email requesting information. These are the agents protecting America against corruption.

My life has been threatened by Russians tied to Putin and my liberty by the FBI if I speak and tell the truth. Paul Combs was released from jail in 2010, shortly before a planned meeting with me to expose the corruption and Russian spies, he was found dead of a gunshot wound to the head. It was ruled a suicide within twenty-four hours, highly unusual for an ME to do so.

Do you believe in justice? Should Weldon Angelos believe in justice? Should Paul Combs, Rex Judd or my family belive in justice?

Hoover took great interest in just how the FBI was portrayed in the movies, and later in television. During the making of "The FBI Story" starring Jimmy Stewert, Hoover was on the set every day directing the director as to how to make the film. Despite such ham-handed interference, Jimmy Stewert turned in a marvelous performance in the small amount of room the character was allowed.

Even when not personally supervising films about the FBI, a close watch, and sometimes direct intervention was taken in any film that referenced the FBI, no matter how slight.

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