NBC News Nervous

August 19, 2015


Clearly the emails below prove that NBC Dateline were planning to do a hour special with Keith Morrisson on Chernov and the murder of Rex Judd. Now at the time it is undeniable that Steve Capus was the head of NBC News. Since the news story was cancelled at the last minute when I arrived in New York to meet with Justin Balding, only one person is responsible for preventing the truth from being told. The buck stops at the top and the person in charge was clearly Steve Capus, now head of CBS News. Yet he and NBC attempt to deny the truth and threaten me with court action to keep it buried.


Charlie Flynn

From: "Lebedeva, Natasha (NBC Universal)" <Natasha.Lebedeva@nbcuni.com>

Sent: Tuesday, June 03, 2008 6:57 PM

To: <cdflynn@hotmail.com>

Subject: Re: NBC Great!


Thank you! Looking forward to meeting you and hearing from you when you have the travel dates finalized. Natasha Natasha Lebedeva NBC News (202) 885-4809 (202) 316-1477


----- Original Message -----

From: "Lebedeva, Natasha (NBC Universal)" <Natasha.Lebedeva@nbcuni.com>

To: <cflynn@novuscom.net>

Sent: Tuesday, June 03, 2008 12:45 AM Subject: NBC


Dear Charlie, Wanted to touch base with you again about your travel dates.. Also when you come here, wanted to ask you whether it might be possible for you to bring the documents and photos that you have will you, perhaps on a hard drive? Let me know how we can arrange that.


Natasha Natasha Lebedeva

NBC News

(202) 885-4809 (202) 316-1477

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