Charlie Flynn one of the best known international businessman in the small cap world. He traveled from Vancouver to Hong Kong and London to Moscow in search of the next big deal. When the basis for this book began, there were three individuals under threat, two of them are dead,

It is a search for justice and truth that is intertwined in this true life story. contact - chasdflynn@murderadaman.com. Now living in Palma De Mallorca, Spain. Charlie is available at info@murderontheandamansea.com



“Whether you think you can or cannot you will always be right.”

—Charlie Flynn favourite



Charlie Flynn was born on May 15, 1952 in Dover, England. He immigrated to Canada landing in New York in February, 1956.  His thirty-year old father and twenty-five year old mother presented the documentation of them and their three children, Jacqueline, Charles and Milton, six, four and two years old respectively, at the Canadian border on February 29th, 1956.  His father joined the RCAF, having served in the Royal Army during WW II in the European theater on D-Day 1944 with the Durham Light Infantry.

Charlie worked in financing hi-tech ventures and resource based junior companies before meeting the Russians who precipitated his writing this novel, Murder on the Andaman Sea, which featured spy character Egor Chernov. The book is the first in a series outlining the true life dangers and corruption of international business in the twenty-first century.


Charlie Flynn, the author of this novel was born in Dover, England on May 15, 1952. One of four sons, he grew up in a lower middle class military family. His father, Charlie, served in the British military, as his father and grandfather before him.  They fought in every major British war from the Boar war to World War I and II. Three generations of military life around the British Empire, having aunts, uncles and his own grandfather born in India, Egypt and Malta respectively.

Flynn attended Carleton University, the first person in either his paternal or maternal line to attend any institution of higher education. He later studied French at McGill University while living and working in Montreal. He was employed by the defense software and hardware manufacturer, Sperry Univac, later known as Unisys. After a stint in the corporate world, Flynn moved to Boca Raton, Florida in the highly charged junior financing sector of the brokerage industry.

Flynn plied his trade financing and promoting firms as diverse as NASDAQ and the current TSX Venture Exchange.  Securities and Exchange developments soon changed the face of the junior stock environment by employing in large part corrupt lawyers and accountants to regulate the industry out of existence America and Canada insisted on stopping its healthy growth.  While changes needed to occur.  It was the wholesale destruction of the financing of junior development projects which began with the introduction of Sarbannes Oxley.  It made it all but impossible for creation of any new corporate entities to challenge the entrenched public companies seeking to attract greater volume and investment.


Dot.com World

During the burst of activity that became known as the Dotcom boom starting in 1998, Flynn plied his trade on the island of Bermuda and  learned the ins and outs of creating new shell companies to merge with internet ventures of every type. He successfully financed over a hundred million dollars in various hi-tech, dotcom ventures along with the assistance of various brokerage house and venture capitalists.  Flynn became well-known throughout the venture capital world for operating a seasoned and well-known company that assisted quickly and efficiently in providing an opportunity for any dotcom venture.

In this world, there are many well intentioned creative individuals and entrepreneurs looking to establish themselves as the next Apple Computer or Microsoft, which both established themselves on the NASDAQ exchange. There is also the criminal element which seeks to unjustly enrich themselves with fraudulent means.  However, just as some politicians are corrupt we do not crush all democracies to compensate.  In the case of junior capital markets due to overzealous government agents seeking to promote their personal profile in the end they destroyed any semblance of a healthy junior capital market.

In the ensuing years, the American Securities and Exchange commission, RCMP and FBI agents turned their attention to arresting this sudden burst of capitalism.  As new rules and regulations were implemented at a hurried pace, retired or former agents of these entities created opportunities to steer around the new restrictions. 

The battle was on, the government versus the capitalists in the junior markets.  Every time a former agent built a better system, the agencies would create a better mouse trap.  Agents now focused on furthering their careers by garnering headlines for catching the next “wolf” or greedy entrepreneur who flaunted the rules.  It became about the careers of mediocre regulators and federal police agents who were, in the most part, ignorant to the necessity of entrepreneurs to bend the rules in some cases.  It satisfied the main stream media need for sensationalism, conflict and laziness. The pretense of the investigative journalist began in earnest, highlighted by the award-winning Gary Weiss and the “The Mob on Wall Street” article.

The battle was cast with the bottomless pit of resources and funding by government agents against the thinly financed entrepreneurs looking to establish themselves in capital markets. It reminded me of the first insider trading and stock market manipulator champion: Joseph P. Kennedy.  After making millions using these tactics he was appointed the first head of the Securities and Exchange Commission. In essence they followed the age old rule; “it takes a thief to catch a thief.”

Flynn gravitated around the globe, from Malaysia to Hong Kong and London to New York, in search of the next big deal.  His hunt ran some risks.  Like a big game hunter in Africa, one had to on alert so the hunter would not become the hunted.


After university, Flynn joined Olivetti in Edmonton, Alberta. Soon he became the number one salesman in the country.  He often sold more in a month than a branch of salesmen at other locations.  As a result Flynn endured what he termed, ‘socialism in business’.  In order to attract and retain salespeople they reduced his substantial commissions to subsidize the lower income performers. 

In order to keep Flynn employed Olivetti, moved an underperforming sales manager in Vancouver, British Columbia and promoted Flynn into his position.  It was an unpopular move and Flynn experienced substantial resistance on taking up his new position.  Vancouver, British Columbia was the worst performing branch of Olivetti in Canada however within six months of his stewardship they became the top performing branch in Canada. This was celebrated at the awards ceremony in Montreal, the fall of 1978.

After achieving success at Olivetti, Flynn decided his entrepreneurial ambition was being stifled in the corporate environment.  He opened his first business with $1300 and a consultant from the Canadian development bank paid to assist him.  His only comments to the experienced consultant was, “tell me whatever you want but do not tell me I cannot do it.” 

The response was, “well you can’t but you just might.”

After establishing his company, North American Professional Technologies Ltd, (Protech) in Vancouver, it grew to over $3,000,000 a year in sales and sixty sales people in four branches of the company from Seattle to Victoria.

Flynn sold his company in 1981 and invested in gold, real estate and a business in the early eighties, unfortunately interest rates hit 20% and gold, real estate and businesses tanked in Canada.  The one thing Flynn did not have was king; cash.

Therefore he started back into selling hi-tech products in eastern Canada, first as a salesman knocking on doors one more time. Afterward he opened his another business, Northumberland Computer Systems, (Norcom) in Eastern Canada.

In this position in the confines of Eastern Canada’s political landscape, Flynn acquired the knowledge and ability to manipulate the system.  If he supported political parties with unbilled hi-tech and hard work for the political campaigns, he would receive an ability to receive government grants and influence beyond anything he expected. 

He took a break from his harried and profitable schedule running Norcom to attend the Progressive Conservative convention in Ottawa, where the contacts he made would further his political clout.  The newly installed leader of the party would ensure his supporters received favoured treatment with every government department.

Shortly Flynn was armed with IRAP-L and M grants to supplement his business advantage over his rivals and he only had to buy the odd airline ticket for a politically appointed agent of the government agency to ensure his continual access.  Life was good and the immoral corruption was ignored.

Then Sperry came knocking offering due his government contacts an offer he could not refuse. They felt he could make a break-through to the east coast governments he had failed to do so far. Unlike their experience in Montreal where a brown bag of cash to the Mayor’s office every election ensured Sperry computers were preferred in all contracts.

In 1985 Flynn moved to Montreal to join Sperry Univac in a newly created position in mergers and acquisitions. In this position he signed the largest deal in the history of the company with Ridding Ouellette.  In the interim Sperry and Burroughs combined to become Unisys and Flynn left the company, which was in a state of flux and confusion.

Shortly he relocated to Boca Raton, Florida working with Tomas Wilmot from London, England, to further his expertise in mergers and acquisitions in the burgeoning and growing junior capital markets. It can been said that much of Flynn's description of the callous corruption in the financial markets was garnered in his time in Florida.

Indeed it shaped and informed him of the duplicity and hypocrisy of the main stream media and the agents of the federal governments in America and Canada who performed for a select audience with little regard for justice.  The relationship between the slanted and obedient media reporters became an important tool in the arsenal of the Federal agents to convince the public of their zealous ability to stamp out financial fraud.  The only problem is they threw the proverbial baby out with the bath water, inhibiting employment and investment in new companies for the foreseeable future.


Flynn's first novel, MURDER ON THE ANDAMAN SEA will be published in 2015.

The book had been planned four years prior but he was prevented from writing it or telling the truth until, Special Agent Gregory Coleman of “Wolf of Wall Street” fame retired on January 30th, 2015.  During the previous years, while waiting to tell his story, Flynn contacted every major network and over fifty alleged investigative reporters.  Two of them showed an interest, NBC News and the Wall Street Journal both requested an interview on or off the record.  It was declined, initially on the false pretense of jeopardizing the investigation by Special Agent Coleman.  Since he has retired and that investigation is now terminated, belies the fact he was not telling the truth.  John Emshwiller from the Wall Street Journal and Justin Balding from NBC News dutifully accepted his lack of response and did not pursue further.

To this day every journalist from NBC News or agent of the U.S. Attorneys and FBI refuse any comment on the case of Egor Chernov.  Not one single investigative reporter in America has attempted to break this silence, rather they were all busy focusing on the absolute earth-shattering fact a white woman pretended to be black in Seattle, Washington.  This is obviously nothing to do with their need for sensationalism, conflict and their innate laziness, it is an important element to America’s safety and need for the truth!

Flynn lives today, vigilant of every foreign speaking stranger and anyone staring too long in his direction, waiting for the potential and likely attack.  His main defense is publically informing everyone through his novel to the corruption and danger lurking in the halls of power and the justice and state department.

While this first novel will stir up interest in the main from the Russians and corrupt American agents involved, Flynn's stories of corruption and deceit in the upper echelons of political parties and government officials will continue unabated.

During his financial career, Flynn became known for his dogged pursuit of a deal and his outright dismissal of the thieves occupying the same profession.  He is one of the best known financial venture capitalists worldwide and can walk Wall Street, Finsbury Circus, Howe Street and Bay Street without averting his eyes from anyone. 

 Family and Future

While his classmates were setting up home and becoming stalwarts of their community Flynn was flying the world looking for deals and finances.  He, like most, young successful entrepreneurs allowed the allure of young ladies to turn his eye and betray his marriage. 

In June 1981, his first daughter, Shileen Amanda was born to his wife Susan and him.  In an inconvenient turn of events, his second daughter, Creenagh Irene Gloria, was born to his former secretary and mistress exactly one month later on July 24, 1981.  In a move recorded in the legal annuls of the Ontario legal binders, Flynn became the first unmarried father to be accorded recognition by the courts and eventually custody of his daughter. His wife Susan bravely took in both daughters and raised them as her own.  They both grew into beautiful women and are loved deeply by their mother and father.

Three more children followed in quick succession each with his wife, Susan; Charles born in 1982, Sean in 1984 and Shane in 1988.  He remained married and living with Susan until 2000.

In 2001, Charlie left his wife for Elizabeth Cain, twenty-seven years his junior.  They have two sons, Caiden and Ciaran, ten and eight year old respectively.  She was subjected to a threat of torture and murder in the true life story, Murder on the Andaman Sea. In view of this fact for the next five years, she could not sleep well, conscious of every movement outside their home or hotel room, even when sleeping on a tenth floor of a hotel.

Flynn has lived in Oshawa, Barrie, Trenton, Toronto and Ottawa in Ontario; Montreal, Parent, Sept-Isles and Morin Heights in Quebec; Sydney, Halifax, Charlottetown, Summerside in Eastern Canada; Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver in Western Canada; Boca Raton, Florida; New York, New York; Beverley Hills, California; Lahr, Germany; Nice, France; London, England and where he currently resides Palma de Mallorca, Spain. 

Flynn risks his life and liberty in revealing this story, having witnessed the attempted murder of three and the murder of two of his friends or alleged suicide of one however he is determined to pursue justice and truth.  Believing firmly no matter how many care: the only thing it takes for evil to succeed is for good men (women) to do nothing.